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Parents Code of Conduct
Page Created By: Steve Wagner Date : 6/19/2013

                       Riley County Football Parents Code of Conduct 

·        See The Good! Look for the good in everyone. Stay positive and look for the good in everyone and every situation! There are no mistakes…only lessons! Refrain from making negative comments about players or coaches in public or at home.

·        Acknowledge and appreciate players’ growth toward maturity and their efforts toward establishing stronger relationships with teammates, coaches, and themselves.

·        Affirm your son and his teammates when good character, healthy sportsmanship, and other-centered behavior are displayed. Do not only affirm only his athletic performance or a victory.

·        Serve as role models for our players, talking politely and acting courteously toward coaches, officials, other parents, visiting team parents, and spectators at practices, games, and meetings.

·        Model good sportsmanship. Acknowledge and applaud the efforts of team members and opponents. Accept defeat graciously by congratulating the members of the opposing team on a game well played. Support the team regardless of how much or how little your son plays or what the win-loss record is.

·        Encourage your child and his teammates with positive statements, even when they make mistakes. Every day players are learning moral and ethical lessons.

·        Refrain from boasting about your child’s accomplishments.

·        Have players present any problems or questions to the head coach. We want players to develop self-advocacy. After meeting with his coach, if the issue requires more clarity contact the head coach.

·        We Are One! Be loyal and support the players and coaches. Applaud behavior in your child and his teammates that demonstrates characteristics of integrity.

·       Respect for all should be demonstrated and emphasized by all members of our football family.

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