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Coaches Code of Conduct
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·       We Are One! Be loyal to each other, to our players, and to our parents…we are one working to make football a positive experience for everyone.

·       See The Good! Look for the good in everyone. Stay positive…there is something to be gained by every situation…look for the good in the kids and you will find it.

·       Build Up…Never Tear Down!  Always look to say something good to a player

·       There Are No Mistakes…Only Lessons! Players do not make mistakes on purpose…our job is to help guide them through the lessons of life. Remember…We are all works in progress!

·       Nobody Is Unimportant! Each player is a part of our family and deserves the utmost respect.

·       Disagreements are saved for private meetings. Coaches can disagree in meeting but never in front of our players.

·       Coach your position…be careful not to step on other coaches toes when helping a player who does not play the position you coach.

·       Act with empathy. Try to understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of the players and what is causing those feelings…always be supportive and encouraging.

·       Don’t bluff the kids! If you do not know, say so and get appropriate information.

·       Parents are our partners…establish clear and open lines of communication to insure that we are working out of the same playbook.

·       Know the difference between shaming and coaching. No screaming, shaming, swearing, or sarcasm. Be mindful never to shame a player, but to correct him in an uplifting way.

·       Don’t be afraid to apologize! We all make mistakes. When mistakes are made publicly, apologize publicly; when mistakes are made personally, apologize personally.

·       No Excuses…No Blame. If we don’t get the results we expect we should always look at what we can do better first…never make excuses or look for blame.

·      Respect for all should be demonstrated and emphasized by all coaches. Treat all players, parents, coaches, referees, and opponents with respect.  

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