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Player Code of Conduct
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·       We Are One! Be loyal to each other, to our coaches, and to our parents…”we are one” working to make football a positive experience for everyone.

·       See the good! Look for the good in everyone. Stay positive and look for the good in everyone and every situation!  Build up…never tear down!                                                                                                                   

·       There are no mistakes…only lessons! Don’t be too hard on yourself or your teammates. We are all works in progress…mistakes are only opportunities to get better.

·       Nobody is unimportant! Each player is a part of our family and deserves the utmost respect. Be inclusive in you activities as much as possible.

·       Accept Responsibility for your behavior on and off the field. Understand that what you do and say affects the team, your family, and the school.

·       Judge people by the content of their character. Do not put people in boxes according to their race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or abilities.

·       Act with empathy. Try to understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of others and what is causing those feelings so you can be supportive and encouraging.

·       Act as a role model at all times by talking positively and acting courteously toward coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials.

·       Acknowledge and applaud the efforts of others. Encourage your teammates with positive statements…take joy in others success.

·       Give 100 percent effort to practices and games. Understand that effort demonstrates commitment to the team and respect for coaches and teammates.

·       Don’t be afraid to apologize! We all make mistakes. When mistakes are made publicly, apologize publicly; when mistakes are made personally, apologize personally.

·       No Excuses…No Blame. If we don’t get the results we expect we should always look at what we can do better first…never make excuses or look for blame.

·       Respect for all should be demonstrated and emphasized by everyone. Treat all opposing coaches, referees, and players with respect!

                            WE ARE ONE                      RESPECT      

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